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NC Rejuvenating, Hydrating Shower Head
NC Rejuvenating Shower Head

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Experience the NewCell Rejuvenating Restorative Effects Shower Head
The Rejuvenating Shower Head uses unique media to eliminate contaminates like chlorine while structuring and ionizing water to mimic equatorial rainwater or waterfalls in softness and energy.

The Restorative Shower Head is a 6" innovation in showering with multiple settings – a rain shower head for a spa-like waterfall experience, plus four unique spray settings, and clear handle to see media usage. The shower's bioceramic cartridge lasts 6-8 months or 40,000 gallons.
What is Restorative about Water?
Water that is returned to its natural condition that is safe enough for a baby’s tender skin – but strong enough to clean and treat mature skin . . . The Rejuvenating Shower Head is special because it uses patented processes learned from the natural world to create an invigorating, therapeutic, and luxurious shower experience.

Water in the Rejuvenating Shower Head flows through this process:
  • Stage 1 - Dechlorination - ceramics absorb and destroy chlorine while releasing calcium ions making water ready for Stage 2.
  • Stage 2 - Water Restoration – water is rejuvenated by a 4-flow action with mineral infusion that restores vital lifeforce.
  • Stage 3 - Far Infrared Heat Infusion – this mimics the power of the sun. Bioceramic beads capture the heat in your water and turns it into a far infrared sauna experience that provides a penetrating deep heat you can feel inside.
  • Stage 4 - Negative Ion Generation – the free-flowing power of rain or waterfalls generate bio-electricity, a naturally occurring restorative energy. Biocearmics mimic that action infusing high potency negative ions into the water steam uplifting your spirits and treating your skin while providing the softness of a waterfall bath.
*Patented Bioceramics contain ORMUS minerals which are the minerals that nature uses to create natural living waters, bringing restored consciousness to your water.

  • Luxurious rain shower setting for a spa-like waterfall that gently washes and rejuvenates
  • Tri-stream power wash setting with 3 high pressure streams for maximum washing power and skin stimulationFog atomizer setting provides a high pressure living water fog to clean, stimulate, and rejuvenate your entire bodySoaker setting provides multi-faceted bubbly low pressure stream that covers and caresses the skin for optimum hydrationManufactured to international standards for consistent connectivityTransparent handle reveals when it is time to replace the cartridge

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