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After using your Detox, I experienced more energy, less swelling in my legs, and lower blood sugar levels.  Thank you again.
C.B Baton Rouge, LA
I have tried many Ion Detox Units and have found the NewCell Detox to be the best.  We see many clients every day and our clients report feeling younger and more energetic.  Your units are priced well and are extremely reliable.  In fact, many of our clients have purchased a detox unit for themselves.
N.M Boulder, CO
Thank you for your quick delivery and great customer service. Our patients and clients have really been enjoying your ion cleanse detox foot bath product.
Dr. S, Indianapolis, IN
I had no idea my intestine walls were being obstructed by mucoid plaque. After finishing the 3 day cleanse, I felt more energetic, I had regular BM’s, and the bloated feeling I had went away. I’ve always been thin but I had a small pouch that wouldn’t go away, by the third day my stomach was flat. This is truly a great product! Thanks.
Melanie, Los Angeles, CA
"After doing the cleanse I felt lighter, stronger, healthier and younger than ever!" Thank you!
Lisa L. Ojai, Ca